Greg Truslow

Greg Truslow

Agency Principal

“Do what is best for the client.” This is the motto guiding our agency with every contact, every day. In these days of online access and impersonal dealings on just about everything – including insurance – I believe that what is best for the client is having access to a local, knowledgeable insurance agent who will address your concerns with professionalism, integrity, and a caring attitude.  I believe this is why Dave Ramsey has endorsed me as the Endorsed Local Provider for this area.

As a professional insurance agent, I believe my job is, first and foremost, to advise. That occasionally means telling a client – or a prospective client – something they don’t care to hear. And it sometimes means advising someone to continue with their current insurance carrier. Friends and colleagues know that a call to my office will provide them with timely, professional advice that always considers their best interests above anything else.

As an extension of this commitment, I served as a member of the ERIE Insurance Personal Lines Task Force where I was involved with a team of committed insurance professionals who worked to improve ERIE’s policies and procedures, for the benefit of our clients.

My wife and I have 3 children. Our eldest son graduated from the University Of Virginia and our 2 younger children are your typical rambunctious pre-teen and teen . We are active in our church and community and enjoy family activities. I have traded my golf clubs for a fly fishing rod and I get out as often as I can. I proudly served my country in the United States Air Force and continue to believe we are the greatest country on earth. We love being a part of our community and are proud to serve our friends and neighbors in protecting their loved ones and their property.